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This page is dedicated to the finest work force
General Motors
knew existed

United Auto Workers Local 488
Kalamazoo, Michigan

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A very important message to all who have lost the Blue Care Network

The following is a list of 141 of our friends current Email addresses as known to us

Michigan Live, Kalamazoo Edition

To have your name added to this list please send an Email to
Dave Richer
(Click on my name)
Please include the city and State where your living

Charles H. Adkins Living in Englewood, Florida
Bill (Sha na na) Abraham living in Gobles, Michigan
David Adamski living in Hickory Corners, Michigan
Hugo Anderson living in Otsego, Michigan
Barb and Gary Armstrong living in Englewood, Florida

PJStormArtis living in Mattawan, MI
Mike Ashby living in Mansfield, Ohio
Rick Atkinson living in Thompson Station, Tennessee
Ron Austin living in Boyne Falls, Michigan

Sue (Ball) Barber living in Grand Ledge, Michigan
Tom Barrett living in Clermount, Florida
Jim Bartel & Jan Olson living in South Havin, Michigan
Mike Bell living in Brooksville, Florida Homepage
Jim Bemister Summers in South Haven,Mi Winters in Punta Gorda, Fl
Bob and Phyllis Birkholm living in Scotts, Michigan
Jon Blackburn living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Kevin Blue living in Columbia, Tennessee
Walt & Barb Blue living in Apollo Beach, Florida
Arnold Boulter living in Gun Lake, Michigan
David Borlik living in Franklin, Tennessee
Doug Bresson living in Scotts, Michigan
Robert Burgwald living in Comstock, Michigan
Cindy (Whaley) Burke living in Bellevue, Michigan
Bob Bush living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Ron Bush living in Marshall, Michigan

Jesse Cahue living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Juan Cahue living in New Braunfels, Texas
Pedro Cahue living in Marion, Indiana
Roger Carpenter living in Marion, Indiana
John Clear living in Columbia, Tennessee
George Cole living in Lawton, Michigan
William "Nick" Cool living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Bill Cronkhite living in Englewood, Florida
Dave and Marilyn (Gudith) Crotser Wintering in Florida
Charlie Crowley living in Lexington, Ohio
Gerald (Jerry) Cunningham living in Lexington, Ohio

Terry Dalton living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Neal Davis living in Apache Juncton, Az
Wally and Sheryle (Ryan) Davis living in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee
Jim DeVisser Kalamazoo, Mi
Larry Doolittle living in Paw Paw, Michigan
George Doyle living in Charleston, South Carolina
Jeff Doyle living in Davisburg, Michigan
Jim Doyle living in Rochester, Michigan
Karen (Smith) Duran living in Phoenix, Arizona
Douglas D. Duryea living in Otsego, Michigan

Amos L. Eash living in Cutlerville, Michigan
Jud Eaton living in Portage, Michigan
Dan Everett living in Mansfield, Ohio
Jerry Everett living in Mattawan, Michigan
Pat Everett living in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Terry Fields living in Clarkston, Michigan
Rockie Fish living in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Lee Fitzsimmons living in Spring Hill, Tennessee
John Forrest living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Rod Fosdick living in Mattawan, Michigan in the summer and we
winter in Priceville, Alabama.
Horace "Ace" Francis Regretfully has passed
James (Jimmy) Franzen living in Jacksonville, Florida
Lauren "Frenchy" French living in Spring Hill, Tennessee
Charles and Norma Futrell living in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Rick Garland living in Mattawan, Michigan
Cricket Garrison living in Englewood, Florida
Sandra K. Garten living in Clarkston, Michigan
Donna L. Gary living in Portage,Michigan Wintering in Lakeland,Florida
Albert (Butch) Gearing living in Decatur, Michigan
Clair and Patty Gibbs living in Kalamazoo, Michigan winter in Florida
Linda (Jeffrey) Gibson living in Portage, Michigan
Joseph R. Golkosky and Joan F. Golkosky living in Portage, Michigan
Earl (Butch) Goodman living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Dick Green living in Oshtemo, Michigan
Stan Greene living in Portage, Michigan
Harold Grimes Living in Battle Creek, Michigan
Jose Gutierrez living in Oshtemo,Michigan

Patrick "Pat" Hagerty living in Mattawan, Michigan
Lee Halferty living in Scotts,Michigan
Stanley Hall living in Lenexa, Kansas
Paul Helm Living in Battle Creek, Michigan
Cathy "Cat" Hamilton living in Galesburg, Michigan
Diane Charron Hamilton living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Ron Harrison living in Portage, Michigan
Gerald Hawkins living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Mike and Jean Hayward living in Breedsville, Michigan
Merritt G. Herpst living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Joe Hnilo living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Robert Holewa living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Mike Hoppe living in Otsego, Michigan
Tom and Sue Hosek living in Mason,Michigan. winter in west Palm Beach, Florida
Tom Howard living in Richland, Michigan

Ed Jeschke living in Gobles, Michigan
Ken Jeschke living in Paw Paw, Michigan
Dick Johnson living in Gobles, Michigan
Michael "Mike" Johnson living in PawPaw, Michigan

Robert Kaminga living in Three Rivers, Michigan
Joe kaywood summer i Richland Mi.winter in Palm Harbor, Florida
Bob Keech living in Portage, Michigan
Randy Kline living in Sweetser, Indiana
Michael (Mike) Knowlton living in Rochester Hills, Michigan
Lonnie Kuntzman living in Oshtemo, Michigan

Joe and Sandy Laske living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gene Laws living in Plainwell, Michigan
Rod Leggett living in Allegan, Michigan
Chris Lemmer living in Oakwood, Ohio
John Lewis living in Parchment, MI
Kenneth and Betty Lewman living in Venice, Florida
John & Chris Loviska living in Mears, Michigan / Bradenton, Florida
John L. Lybarger living in Mansfield, Ohio Homepage

Robbin (Pam) Mann living in Romeo, Michigan
George (Butch) Mayernick living in Bradenton,Florida
David McBride living in Otsego, Michigan
Ken McCaslin summers in Vicksburg MI winters in Zephyrhills Florida
Don McGuire living in Union City Mi.
Bernard McNamara living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jerry Meisner living in Schoolcraft, Michigan
Larry Meyers living in Otsego, Michigan
Dave Middleton living in Portage, Michigan
Keith Miller living in Comstock, Michigan
Mason "Mike" Miller living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
George Moeslein living in Scotts, Michigan
Karen Moore living in Gobles, Michigan
Roger Moore living in Portage, Michigan

Gordie Navis living in Wayland, Michigan
Steve Noles Larry Norwood living in Janesville, Wisconsin
Lyal Norwood living in Sparta, Michigan
Deb Nutt living in Grand Ledge, Michigan

Brian Oros living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Luann Osborne living in Fowler, OH
Paul Oswald living in Portage, Michigan
Bill Parker Living in Kalamazoo,Mi

Larry Page living in Ludington, Michigan
Bill Painter living in Parchment, Michigan
Rose Kershaw-Parks living in Marion,Indiana
Greg Payne living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jack Payne living in Doraville, Georgia
Bob peacock living in Spring Hill, Tn
Debby Pedersen living in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Linda Perrin-Rodriguez living in Butler, Ohio
Brad & Cheryl (Bristow) Pollack living in Spring Hill, Tennessee
Norm and Rosie Popp living in Green Valley, Arizona
Ernie & Deanna Pratt Summers in Fife Lake, Michigan Winters in Holiday, Florida

William "Bill" Rac living in Mansfield, Ohio
Catarino "Darrel" Ramon living in Franklin, Tennessee
Trish Rainer living in Rochester Hills, Michigan
John Ratliff living in Portage, Michigan
Janie Reed living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Mike & Mary Reck living in Dimondale, Michigan and South Haven, Michigan
Timothy A. Regis living in Oxford, Michigan
Walt and Philomene Rettman living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Dave "Peter Eckrich" Richer living in Bradenton, Florida
James A Rose living in Kalamazoo,Michigan
Tom Rutkoskie living in Schoolcraft, Michigan

Al and Sheila Sherman (Lemon/Barrett) living in Clermont, Florida
Russell Schieber living in Kalamazoo,Michigan
Duane Shoemaker living in Byron Center, Michigan
Ray Shoemaker living in Paris, Tennessee
Al Shumaker living in South Haven, Michigan
Dennis Simon living in Portage, Michigan
Wayne and Suzie Simpson living in Marion, Indiana
Rosie (Gurd) Sorrentino living in Portage, Michigan
Russ Sparks living in Suwanee, Georgia
Bob Stahl living in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Scott Stanley living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Hugh Street living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jackie Stricklin living in Bowling Green, Kentucky 42103

Donald & Anita Tapper living in Cocoa, Florida
Joe Tarala living in Paw Paw, Michigan
Sara Taylor living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Skip Terburg living in Scotts, Michigan
Jim Thompson living in Battle Creek, Michigan
Tom Tinsley Living in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Tom & Sherri Tucker living in Kalamazoo, Michigan summer, Okeechobee Fla. in the winter
Bill Tyria living in Mattawan, Michigan
Donna L. Gary Living in Portage,Mi. Wintering in Lakeland,Fl.
Lee Halferty Living in Scotts  Michigan

Evert Van Veelen living in Mobile, Alabama
Jerry and Claudette Wallace living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Richard Wenban living in Kalamazoo Michigan
John White living in Gobles Michigan
Jackie Wilson living in Lansing, Michigan Web Site
Milton (Woody) Woodhouse living in Las Vegas, Nevada

To have your name added to this list please send an Email to
Dave Richer
(Click on my name)
Please include the city and State where your living

Born on: June 8, 2006

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